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002 Tsundoku matcha for cocktails

002 Tsundoku matcha for cocktails

  • 50-60 servings
  • 100 g happiness
  • 5.0
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A special blend of Japanese green tea from two harvest seasons: spring and summer, Okumidori monocultivation, ground into a powder for an ideal composition with milk drinks.
Brightly expressed color that does not disappear with milk.
Rich taste, for a pleasant balance.
Matcha has a pleasant foam and goes well with milk, soda, and tonic

Taste description

Scent: Rich herbal smell, mown hay, dandelion
Taste description: In combination with milk, a light vegetable note is dominant, intertwined with a nutty note

History of cultivation

Okumidori is a type of tea that was first bred in Japan in 1974. It was developed by combining different tea genotypes, including Yabukita, Shizu-Inzatsu 131, Choshun and Sochi. The result of this crossing was a variety with light green leaves and a bright rich aroma.

The word "Okumidori" is composed of two Japanese words: "oku" means "enough" or "satisfactory" and "midori" means "green", so it literally translates as "pretty green". This name was chosen because the leaves of this tea have a rich green color.

The Okumidori variety is one of the most popular varieties of tea in Japan, and it is also widely known outside of Japan. It is grown in various regions of Japan, in particular, in Shizuoka province, which is famous for its tea plantations.

Okumidori tea is usually grown in the mountains at an altitude of about 500 meters above sea level. This type of tea has an exquisite aroma with subtle notes of vegetables and fruits, as well as a slight bitterness, making it one of the most popular types of tea in Japan.

More about cultivation

Ingredients: 100% green tea. The base is a blend of one Okumidori cultivation, spring and autumn harvesting season specially designed to be combined with milk drinks, without losing the pleasant color and texture of fresh tea

by Master Yuta Oka, Izumo Seicha Farm, Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture, Japan

Useful properties

Fresh matcha tea:

  • Reduces stress levels and helps tune in to alpha waves
  • Relaxes the mind and increases concentration
  • Actively fights against inflammation and normalizes blood pressure
  • Helps to focus
  • It works as a natural antiseptic for our body due to the high content of catechins

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матча лате

Рецепт ідеального матча лате

1. Heat the chavan, sift 2-2.5 g of matcha to avoid lumps

2. If desired, add sweetener. We recommend - agave, maple syrup

3. Add 30g of warm water at 70°C and beat the chasan with a whisk for 30 seconds

4. Heat the milk and add it to a glass, or for a cool version, add ice and milk to a glass

5. Add matcha to a glass of milk

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