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Hojicha Kagoshima

Hojicha Kagoshima

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  • 30-35 порцій
  • 100 g

Or literally fried tea, that's what they call Khodzich or Khodzyt. It has a red-brown color and an unforgettable roasted and baked aroma.

This tea belongs to non-fermented teas, that is, it is not the same as black tea. Its color and taste is formed due to rapid frying in porcelain, and then sharp cooling. Our Khodzhicha is prepared from sencha and bancha.

This tea is low in caffeine and catechins due to short roasting. However, it acquires a special taste, which is associated with everyone in different ways: baked bread, popcorn, charred wood, caramel.

Taste description

It has a pleasant smell of smoke and baked caramel. The taste has a delicate body, a light shade of umami, hints of caramel popcorn.

More about tea

Blended and roasted sencha, kukicha, bancha from small farms in Kagoshima Prefecture

from the tea gardens of Mr. Yuta Oka, the Tousuien Company.

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Як заварювати Ходжича?

Japanese method:

Heat the dishes in which you will prepare the tea.
Ideal for short brewing times.
Add 4g of tea and pour in 120g of water at 90°C / 194°F. Insist for 30 seconds and sift to the last drop.
Repeat the step, but increase the infusion time by 10-15 seconds

European method:

We recommend consuming 6 g of tea.
Add 300g of water at 95°C / 203°F to the kettle and let steep for 90 seconds

Enjoy :)