Розпаковка набору для приготування матча

Unpacking the matcha preparation kit

You have a treasure in your hands - Matcher starter pack - a set for preparing a match. And now we'll help you figure out what's next.

Each set is individual and can be supplemented with any tea accessory. But the base is a Chawan matcha bowl, a Chasen Kazuho bamboo whisk, a Naoshi whisk stand and a Chashaku bamboo measuring spoon.

We also recommend adding a Japanese strainer of small fraction - Furui to the set to improve your matcha.

Step-by-step instructions for your matcha kit:

  1. Take out the contents of the box and dispose of the excess, following the rules of waste sorting
  2. Boil the water and let it cool for 5 minutes, approximately to 80 degrees
  3. Fill the chavan with warm water and dip the whisk to loosen the strings
    *Do not touch the boiling water and the bamboo whisk, as this will make it dry
  4. Shake the whisk and place it on a special Naoshi stand with the strings down
  5. Wipe the bowl dry

Have a pleasant and long use! We hope that our set will give you many sunny and warm rituals 💖

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