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Our stand for a whisk

Our stand for a whisk

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The Naoshi ceramic stand (kusenaoshi) is designed to store a Chasen bamboo whisk.
The main task is to dry the whisk in a vertical position, with the strings down, and preserve its appearance, cleanliness and longevity of work.

Be sure to use a stand, because without it the whisk will quickly begin to darken, lose its shape, and mold may appear at the base if stored with the strings up

Careful use

- After preparing the matcha, rinse the strings of the whisk with a stream of water

- Do not use detergents

- If you notice residues - carefully remove them with your hand or a thin cloth

- dry the whisk a little in the air, do not leave the whisk too wet on the stand to avoid mold

- Keep chasen away from direct sunlight, in a well-ventilated and cool room

- Keep the whisk away from water


Japanese ceramics, white food glaze

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