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"80 strings" craft chasen by Kubo Sabun

"80 strings" craft chasen by Kubo Sabun

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Professional whisk for making matcha - usucha. Handmade Japanese chasen is made from fresh young bamboo harvested exclusively in winter and its strings are drawn to the perfect thickness by a craftsman to give your drink the best texture.

Handmade chasen made from farm organic bamboo from Nara Prefecture. Sharpened 80 strings to prepare the perfect drink - a whisk from master Kubo Sabun, certified as Takayama Chesen - the best whisks on the planet. If this is your first whisk, please pay attention to the kazuho chasen.

Neat use

- After preparing the matcha, rinse the strings of the whisk with a stream of water

- Do not use detergents

- If you notice residues - carefully remove them with your hand or a thin cloth

- dry the whisk a little in the air, do not leave the whisk too wet on the stand to avoid mold

- Keep chasen away from direct sunlight, in a well-ventilated and cool room

- Keep the whisk away from water

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