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Matchær starter pack 005: The business professional

Matchær starter pack 005: The business professional

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The Professional Matcha Brewing Kit has all the elements for the perfect matcha tea. It will be a perfect addition to your interior and daily routine of healthy habits.

The set includes:

  1. Fragile whisk – Kazuho for whipping matcha into fine foam
  2. A spoon cup to measure the required amount of matcha
  3. Cup holder (out of stock)
  4. Matcha strainer - your drink will be more airy, uniform and avoid tea lumps
  5. Naoshi is a stand for a whisk that preserves its shape and quality
  6. "Wu" Katakuchi chawan , ergonomically shaped, which cares about the cleanliness of the drink and your space, concentrates better smell and has a convenient spout for forwarding
  7. A sample of Saemidori tea for a fun introduction

Careful use


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