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Matchær starter 002: Beginner

Matchær starter 002: Beginner

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Matchmaking Starter Kit - has the basic redmets to start your dating and matchmaking:

The set includes:

  1. Basic beater for 80 strings for whipping matcha into a fine foam
  2. A spoon cup to measure the required amount of matcha
  3. Naoshi is a stand for a whisk that preserves its shape and quality
  4. "Wu" Katakuchi Chawan , ergonomically shaped, which cares about the cleanliness of the drink and your space, concentrates better smell and has a convenient spout for forwarding
  5. A sample of Saemidori tea for a fun introduction

This set is ideal for preparing matcha lattes and matcha-based cocktails, as well as for classic matcha - Usucha

The basic set is one of the most popular in coffee shops and establishments that start their work with matcha or want to improve the level of work with the help of well-combined accessories

Careful use


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