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Madoka aroma sticks, 150 pcs

Madoka aroma sticks, 150 pcs

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Refined and delicate aroma, created from selected herbs and spices.

MADOKA signature blend is a subtle fragrance with a sweet, warming accent, with top notes of sandalwood, cinnamon and herbs. Its light astringent aroma is reminiscent of the calm atmosphere of Buddhist temples.
MADOKA will be a great addition to a tea ceremony or a wonderful gift that will delight tea and aroma connoisseurs.

The masters of Shoyeido created this fragrance to enrich any event with a spiritual note of fragrance. It is a light fragrance with 30% less smoke thanks to the use of special natural ingredients. Each stick burns for about 30 minutes.

Careful use

Fragile sticks are made without the use of wood, which gives a heavy smoke. Store in a special container to avoid the destruction of the incense stick.


Made with local spices and herbs, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

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