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Karigane from Shizuoka

Karigane from Shizuoka

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  • 25-30 порцій
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Karigane tea is a high-quality unique Japanese tea with a low caffeine content and a high vitamin C content, which is distinguished by a pleasant aroma and unique taste.

Our Karigane is a blend of Gyokuro and Kabusecha, a shade-grown tea. Mixed with their stems and twigs, in the process of steaming and twisting, they get a unique, delicate and clean taste.

Taste description

The aroma is reminiscent of fresh wild strawberries and sweet cream

The taste is soft and delicate. Sweetness and a high level of umami create a very rounded body. Long umami aftertaste.

More about tea

For us, high-quality Karigane tea is made from kukicha tea - it is a branch tea that is mixed for us with Kabusecha tea of ​​Okumidori, Samidori, and Yabukita cultivation. Originating from the small farms of Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. High-quality raw materials for Karigane tea

from the tea gardens of Mr. Yuta Oka, the Tousuien Company.

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How to brew Karigane?

Japanese method:

Heat the dishes in which you will prepare the tea.
Add 3-4 g of tea and pour 120 g of water at 80 degrees. Insist for 40 seconds and sift to the last drop.
Repeat the step, but increase the infusion time by 10-15 seconds

European method:

We recommend consuming 5-7 g of tea.
Add 350-400 g of 80 degrees Celsius water to the kettle and let it steep for 90 seconds.

After that, the tea can be sifted

Enjoy :)

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