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Chasen Kazukho

Chasen Kazukho

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High-quality handmade bamboo whisk, made of golden bamboo
The crown has a Kazuho shape, which reflects the approximate number of strings: 72-76 strings

This beater is good for beginners and for training because it has strong strings. Perfect for making usucha and koicha, matcha latte

Careful use

Before cooking for the first time, immerse the strings in warm water for 4 minutes so that they are wet and fluffed up.

1. Use a naoshi stand to maintain the shape and quality of the whisk
2. Keep away from the sun and high temperature
3. Store in well-ventilated and non-moist rooms

Before each cooking, immerse the strings in warm water for 10-15 seconds to make the strings more elastic.

Do not come into contact with boiling water


"Baichiku" bamboo grown in Nara Prefecture, Japan.

From the masters of the Tsikuriren Takayama Chasen company

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