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Chavan Weeping Cherry

Chavan Weeping Cherry

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Tokoname products with "weeping cherry" are associated with the symbol of spring and the beauty of nature. This weeping cherry (Japanese name - Sakura) is a symbolic tree in Japanese culture. It blooms for a short period in the spring months, producing lovely pink clouds of flowers.

The weeping cherry symbolizes the brevity of life, beauty, renewal and beginning. Its flowering is an important event in Japan.

Chavan from the Tokonameyaki clan of potters are made from a special clay known as "Tokoname clay". This clay is rich in iron, which results in the rich reddish hue known as "Tokoname Red".

The chavan is ideal for making usucha and koicha matcha due to its correct shape and small volume. Thanks to its ergonomics, it helps convey a richer aroma of the drink, making the preparation process even more pleasant.

Neat use

1. Wash Chavan by hand, avoiding the use of detergents and abrasive sponges. This will help preserve its quality and durability.
2. Avoid sudden changes in temperature, such as going from cold to hot, to prevent the Chavan from cracking.
3. Allow the Chavan to dry naturally after washing to hand dry with a tissue.
4. Avoid contact with hard objects to prevent the surface from being scratched and damaged.

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