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Soba Cha

Soba Cha

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  • 30-35 порцій
  • 150 g

Buckwheat tea, known as Sobacha (そば茶) in Japan, is a tea made from the roasted grains, leaves, or flowers of the buckwheat plant (soba 蕎麦, そば). In addition to health purposes, tea is also drunk for pleasure.

What is so special about this tea?
The main noticeable difference is what's in the grain: almost 100 times more of the chemical Rutin, a powerful chemical "known for its potential biological effects, such as reducing post-thrombotic syndrome, venous insufficiency, or endothelial dysfunction."

Taste description

It is easy to identify fried nuts and popcorn in the smell

It has a very light body, the taste is dominated by sweet, nutty notes with a light buckwheat aftertaste

More about tea

Buckwheat tea (soba cha) originated in Japan about 3000 years ago. Initially, buckwheat grain was used for food, and then they tried to process it into tea. Over time, various methods of its preparation appeared that satisfied the tastes of consumers. Modern "soba cha" is produced from buckwheat grain, which is cultivated in special fields. Buckwheat grows in conditions that control humidity, temperature and other conditions to promote its growth and development. This guarantees high quality and taste characteristics of tea. After the buckwheat grain ripens, it is harvested by harvesters from the field by hand or with the help of special machines. After the grain is collected, it undergoes a roasting process, which gives the tea a characteristic nutty taste. Buckwheat coffee is then ground into grains, subjected to additional processing to preserve its aroma and taste, and packed in convenient packages for storage and serving. Soba cha has gained popularity as an alternative drink to coffee and tea because it does not contain caffeine. It has a rich composition of nutrients and antioxidants that contribute to maintaining health. Its production and consumption have become permanent elements of Japanese culture, and have also gained popularity in many other countries.

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Classic option:
1. Add 3-4 g of buckwheat tea to a heated dish
2. Pour 200 ml of water at 85-95°C
3. Infuse for 60 seconds and filter

For a large volume:
1. Add 6-8 g of buckwheat tea to a heated dish
2. Pour 400-500 ml of 95°C water
3. Infuse for 2-3 minutes and serve in a separate dish

Cold serving:
1. Add 15g of buckwheat
2. Pour 1 liter of water at 80°C
3. Allow to cool completely
4. Serve with ice