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Container-sieve for match "Kondo-san"

Container-sieve for match "Kondo-san"

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The food-grade stainless steel container is handcrafted from the Kondo-san tea strainer collection and is a must-have accessory for matcha brewing professionals at home and in cafes.

Quick screening of the match

The main task of the container: to sift a large amount of matcha quickly and cleanly. You can sift 15-20g in a few seconds by making horizontal movements in the kotneiner

Aesthetic storage

In a container that will be harmonious in any design, you can store 20-30 g of sifted matcha. However, we recommend sifting the matcha again if it remains for more than 2-3 hours to avoid lumps

Product details:
Material: Stainless steel
- Body: approximately 6.8 cm in diameter × 6 cm in height
- Sieve: approximately 6.8 cm in diameter × 3 cm in height
- Spoon: approximately 3.0 cm in diameter × 7.6 cm in length
Weight: Approximately 143 g
Recommended amount of matcha: Approximately 30 g (with sieve installed)
Note: Small scratches on the side of the stainless steel case are a result of the manufacturing process and do not affect use.

Careful use

Use with care

After use, do not leave the elements dirty. After sieving, it is better to rinse the sieve with running water and dry it immediately. The container can be used without a sieve

After the match, we advise you to clean the container with a dry napkin from the remains of tea


Stainless Steel

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