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Kyushu clay teapot

Kyushu clay teapot

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Sleek and stylish, unglazed Japanese Kyushu teapot made of red clay, ideal for brewing Japanese green tea.

Kyushu is a special Japanese teapot with a small clay cup and a built-in strainer. This teapot allows you to easily brew tea, preserving all its aromas and useful properties. The kyus cup helps to control the temperature of the water and the brewing time, ensuring an optimal result.

Advantages of kyuse in tea brewing:

1. Precision and purity: Kyusu allows you to brew tea with precision and control, ensuring the perfect infusion of green tea with every brew.

2. Aroma: Small pores of red clay preserve the aroma of tea, which adds saturation and depth of taste. Also, the aromas of tea are clearly revealed in a heated vessel.

3. Heat: Clay retains heat better, allowing tea to stay hot and fresh longer when served.

4. Effective filtering: The built-in filter in the bag easily holds the tea leaves, preventing them from entering the infusion.

Kyusu from Takasuke Bakery is a great choice for true connoisseurs of the Japanese tea tradition. Immerse yourself in the exquisite world of aromas and make every cup of tea unique.

About Tokoname red clay:

Tokoname red clay, known as "Tokoname yaki" in Japan, is distinguished by its high quality and traditional craftsmanship. It has the properties of heat retention and prolonged evaporation, which allows you to keep tea fresh for a long time. This unique clay adds a special taste and aroma to your tea, making the tea ritual even richer and more pleasant.

Careful use

1. Wash Kyusa by hand, avoiding the use of detergents and abrasive sponges. This will help preserve its quality and durability.
2. Avoid sudden changes in temperature to avoid cracks.
3. Allow to dry naturally after washing, or dry by hand with a towel.
4. Remove the remains of the tea from the mesh with a toothpick or reverse stream of water through the spout.
4. Avoid contact with hard objects to prevent the surface from being scratched and damaged.


Red clay kyusu from Japanese craftsmen Takasuke, Tokoname city

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