Saint Valentine’s Gift Guide

Saint Valentine's Gift Guide

On the eve of Valentine's Day, you can take care of the well-being of your chosen one or someone close to you by giving preference to a useful and tasty gift from the Matchær store assortment. Today we will focus in more detail on what you can do to please yourself or a loved one.

The Matchær store guide: what to give for Valentine's Day

In our store, you can find everything you need for matcha connoisseurs or for those who have just started to get to know this drink. By the way, the prices have become even more affordable: choose gifts with a 14% discount on all products.

- Elite grade of matcha, ceremonial oreveryday tea - the Matchær store has options for every taste, wallet and every need. All the tea in our store is organic and made from vibrant, hand-picked green tea leaves (Camellia China) of the first and second harvest.

Matcha can be consumed as an independent drink, or experiment and combine flavors. Surprise your significant other by making an interesting cocktail with the addition of matcha. With a rich flavor and aroma, matcha is a great antioxidant-rich accent for use in mixed drinks such as lattes or smoothies.

- The real bestseller of our store is chavans for match a. Thanks to its exceptional shape and convenient spout, the chavan gives its owner the ability to successfully mix and pour the drink. Chavans have a unique production technology. For example, the "WU" katakuchi bowl from our assortment is made of Ukrainian clay by the talented master Maksym Yakymenko. Support Ukrainian!

- Pay attention to the accessories for making matcha. An authentic tool, a whisk, is always in stock. Bamboo whisks are special utensils used during traditional Japanese tea ceremonies.

It is careful beating with a bamboo whisk that ensures the formation of the desired consistency, which enhances the taste of matcha. So, thanks to the whisk, you can prepare a quality drink and get closer to the special tea atmosphere. Both easy-to-use beaters suitable for beginners and tools for real pros are available for purchase.

- Stay eco-friendly and buy an original matcha shopper made of 100% cotton as a gift. The convenient size and stylish look of the bag allows you to successfully integrate the shopping bag into any look, as well as take it with you everywhere.

- The container designer will help to speed up the preparation of the drink . It makes the storage of matcha more convenient and reliable, and thanks to the strainer, it allows you to measure and sift the tea without forming unpleasant lumps.

- Our matcha kit is a base containing the best versions of the essential Japanese-made tools needed to brew your perfect matcha cup. The kit consists of:

  • a bamboo chasaku measuring spoon , which allows you to measure a portion of matcha;
  • a convenient bowl for beating the match;
  • Corolla ;
  • a special ceramic and aesthetic stand for the whisk, the use of which will significantly extend the lifetime of the whisk.

Gifts from the Matchær store will allow you to immerse yourself in the process of making matcha and stay healthy and in love with each other and yourself.

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