Кофеїн у матча та у каві: де більше?

Caffeine in matcha and in coffee: where is more?

The caffeine content of matcha depends on the cultivar and harvest season. That is, spring tea (Ichiban cha) has the highest caffeine content, and coarser and older leaves have much less, as compared to summer and autumn harvest tea.

Matcha has a relatively high caffeine content compared to other green teas, which gives it a unique aroma and taste. The caffeine content of green teas was found to fall in the range of 11.3-24.67 mg/g dry weight, while that of Matcha ranged from 18.9 to 44.4 mg/g.

In comparison, most coffee beans will contain 10.0-12.0 mg of caffeine/g.

However, an interesting fact:

We do not use 18-21g of tea to make a drink.

If we have 2 g of spring tea, we get 45-60 mg of caffeine

Coffee is prepared from 9g to 21g, which means that we get from 90 to 240mg of caffeine

That is, 1 cup of coffee = 9g-21g of caffeine

1 cup of matcha = 2 grams

Which confirms that matcha is an ideal option if you have problems with the cardiovascular system or feel bad after coffee. Stay healthy and happy!

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